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First Response Rescue

Courtesy of CMC America

Featuring Obie Cambre and Byrd Reed, the chairs of the IRECA First Response Rescue


Listen here to learn about what the IRECA Conference and competition is all about, learn about our different competition divisions, and what types of teams will be competing in them.

This is the episode that you should be listening to before and during the competition. You will learn all about our schedule of events for this years conference!!

This episode is all about how to get involved next year, and what the IRECA conference means to all of the volunteers that are involved.

This episode features Captain Bryan Riley and Medic Brian Jackson from the Sweeny Rescue Team.  They share how their team prepared for the Technical Rescue Challenge at the 2023 IRECA/TEEX Annual Conference & Challenges, ultimately winning first place.

This episode, entirely in Spanish, features German Lopez from Fires Foundation. German shares his perspective of preparing for the 2023 IRECA/TEEX Annual Conference & Challenges, as well as his efforts to get his teams from South America to the USA for the conference.

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